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Enclosed aluminum pergolas

This pergola model invites you to extend your living space with natural sophistication. Thanks to its elegant side closures, you can create an additional room.

Our enclosed aluminum pergolas can be transformed into a multi-purpose space, offering you the possibility of turning them into an alternative office, a space for work and discussion, or a peaceful corner for reading.

The magic lies in its ability to open and close according to your preferences, allowing you to connect with the outside world at your convenience.

Aluminium glazed pergolas

The combination of transparency and strength characterizes our glass pergolas, guaranteeing perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

If your desire is to create an outdoor space that goes beyond convention, choose glass as a tribute to elegance.

Screen pergolas

These delicately woven curtains offer versatility, allowing you to open or close them to suit the occasion or your preferences.

Screens act as weather shields, protecting you from both the sun and the cold of winter. Their presence transforms your pergola into a warm, comfortable refuge.

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Do you prefer total harmony with the outside?

Aluminium pergolas for terraces and gardens: an open design

At Durmi, we see architecture as a dance between spaces. With our open-air models, you can transform your veranda, garden or outdoor space into a living extension that adapts to all weather conditions.

Discover bioclimatic pergolas

Where would you like to set up your new pergola?

Aluminum pergolas, attached or self-supporting

You can choose from a range of structures that can be customized to suit the dimensions of your space, and offer a variety of functions.

Aluminium wall-mounted pergolas

This option not only allows you to create an awning or pavilion that blends harmoniously with the interior of your home. It also cools the exterior façade, improving the building's energy efficiency.

Freestanding aluminum pergola

This four-legged pergola embodies elegance and independence. It allows you to position your pergola anywhere, creating an open-air living space.

Duplex pergola

With its six legs, this pergola extends to provide large, elegant protection over swimming pools, open garages, or other areas.

Aluminium blends in with nature.

Aluminium pergolas: advantages

The aluminum bioclimatic pergola enhances the comfort of any outdoor space in a sustainable way. Our pergolas, made from the highest quality extruded aluminum, guarantee optimum performance.

Outstanding durability

Thanks to their exceptional resistance to corrosion and weather conditions, our aluminum pergolas offer enhanced durability and maintain their original color.

Timeless design

The elegance of aluminum merges with different designs to create structures that are true works of architectural art.


The strength of aluminum reduces the need for maintenance, preserving its beauty without complications.

Environmental sustainability

Aluminum is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, in accordance with our vision of an eco-responsible future.

Easy to install

The robustness of our designs in no way detracts from the speed of installation, which generally requires no additional work.

Optimum customization

Every space is a canvas awaiting your creation. We offer a wide range of modern, minimalist and timeless designs, colors and finishes to extend the harmony of your interior to the beauty of your exterior.

Bioclimatic integration

Our pergolas blend harmoniously into their surroundings, promoting a deep connection with nature while reducing energy consumption.

Highest security

The lightness of aluminum contrasts with its solid strength. Combined with the anchoring system, this ensures a stable and secure environment.

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50 years of Excellence at your service

Aluminium Pergolas Manufacturers

At Durmi, our expertise in working with aluminum spans several decades, with a constant focus on innovation and durability. Our ambition is to make every bioclimatic pergola we manufacture a true masterpiece.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our unrivalled value for money, making us a benchmark both nationally and internationally.


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