Our Durmi Network Service Point offers a range of samples so you can touch, see and feel all the quality of the Durmi products.

If you wish you can also browse our projects through the website by clicking here.

In Durmi we have engineers developing our own products.

We will solve any technical questions or support you need through our technical department, you just need to contact us.

With an easygoing, fast and dynamic relation all your doubts will be resolved soon

If you need a custom product do not hesitate and let us know our technical department will study the feasibility of manufacturing.

It will depend on many factors such as the number of windows you have, building orientation, the type of product we install you …

It is best to ask us for a technical energy saving studyo so we get very approximate data.

We may reduce up 40% according to enclosures and light management.

Most of our Durmi Service Points network include in their budgets the installation of our products.

Still we suggest you to read the official Durmi PS if it is whether or not included.

When we design a project we always do it from two primary views, the technical and the decoration.

Although we don’t have decorators in designing when we develop our products we do it considering all the canons of architectural beauty and we keep continually working with them to give customers the best choice that adapts to your needs.

Our RAL color chart allows you to have a product with color you like the most.

Durmi is synonymous with quality and all our products fulfill strictly with it.

In addition we give you a time guarantee.

En Industrias Durmi S.A trabajamos con proveedores que certifican sus materias primas y su manipulación con los mas altos grados de exigencia internacional ISO, EC, Applus, QUALICOAT, PEFC, FSC…

See page Durmi quality policy for more information.

We have a large stock of standardized products, so we get practically immediate delivery in some products.

To be Durmi Official Service Point must accomplish certain minimum requirements that the business of Durmi assigned to your account will detail but they usually are the following:

  • The plaza must be vacant
  • Minimum Annual Purchase
  • Attend initial training

The industrial and metalworkers who want to work with Durmi and get homologated as Durmi Official Service Points they receive special treatment because they become part of PS² program completely focused to satisfy our partners.

PS², is a special program created to seek the overall benefit of our employees in which include among other actions:

  • Endowment catalogs
  • Continued training program
  • Animation of point of sale
  • Free Samples for your exhibition
  • Commercial vehicle labeling
  • Signage for your property
  • Derivación de customers derivation
  • Free Technical Support …

Durmi PS is the abbreviation for Durmi Service Point and is the name given to all Durmi dealers that have been approved and follows the special support program PS².

For us Durmi PS it is much more than a distributor, because we think of it as an extension of our company and for this reason we help in everything that is in our hands.

Where you see this symbol is synonymous with quality and good service.

We have several products with regulation wheelbase for example family Dufix, the hollow sections comprise mono or wall sections and different ways that can be placed inside the racks or outside them.

In the case of the external attachment to racks it is possible to adjust the distance between axes at customer’s will in order to get the right light.

Depending on the chosen model we can manufacture our products in various types of materials:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Phenolic panel
  • Ecological materials (U.R.P. Urban Recycled Plastic)
  • And many more finishes…