Traditionally oriented louvers
Dutec S louver family

Dutec 145s movable louvers

Lattices of this size are very popular. Their wide range of potential applications in opening systems and the materials used make them a good option for an architect, and can be combined in domestic and industrial use.

The separation between louvers allows for excellent good views of the exterior without sacrificing privacy.

  • DUTEC 145s AL: The classic aluminium lattice, thousands of square metres already installed are a guarantee of solidity and good taste, with timeless lines that create luminous spaces with an excellent potential for light regulation without losing any comfort. They can be reinforced with interior steel tubing.
  • DUTEC 145s PVC: Sun protection with the best value for money, made of high quality PVC.

Its smooth, elegant shapes are timeless and create spaces that are both light-filled and private. It can also be turned into a highly secure lattice with interior steel tubing reinforcement.


    MODEL: Dutec s traditional aluminium adjustable louver.

    PROFILE: Extruded aluminium with 6063-T5 alloy.


    Durmi range of standard RAL colours: RAL1015, 5008, 5010, 6005, 6009, 6028, 7011, 7012, 7016, 7022, 7031, 7035, 8014, 8017, 8019, 9005, 9011, 9010, 9016, natural anodysed silver.

    Any RAL colour currently existing on the market is available as an option.


    Horizontal or vertical louver position.
    Wind resistance up to Class 6.
    Different drive systems available.
    Option of adapting any louver model to any Durmi system.


    Fixed/Folding/Sliding/Folding track/Folding raisable/Projectable.

    Compatible Opening Systems

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