DUFIX 100y – Lattice fixed blades 100mm.


Power dividing environments abroad a practical and efficient manner, are commitments that meet and exceed these products.

With the base of aluminum, we get to define areas of a naturally integrated.

Designed to provide symmetry on both sides of the room, get in a friendly way the necessary privacy.

Made completely as, it is a product which in turn is applicable to other systems of opening giving it an extraordinary versatility uses.

DUFIX 100y: is a product of extrusion lama with “Y” 100mm with sufficient strength to be used as garden fence, room divider, systems mounted, etc.

Easily combinable with opening systems expands its range of use.

The succession of lamas “Y” make the separator allows the passage of air between the louvers.



Slat actuation systems and systems.

Fixed blades system.


For DUFIX 100y fixing of the slats is achieved with a combined holder and polyamide slats warrant fiberglass product stability over time.

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX 100y: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish that can support the aluminum.

Both the structure and separating the slats are made of extruded aluminum.


The fact that the blades are fixed and separations, helps to be a lattice with a high degree of security.

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