DUFIX 35t – Lattice 35mm fixed blades.


The simplicity and consistency of the slats both wood as aluminum create models sunscreen stylish and durable.

The solutions proposed in strips about the architect linear and serene shadows, in the interiors of the rooms creating quiet and safe environments.

Applus Durmi Dufix35T Lama certificada por APPLUS

The lama lama Dufix35T is a unique market certified by Applus giving it a plus and excellent quality assurance

Learning in every project we, we shade at the customer’s spacing distances between slats to create unique and personal environments.

In a wide range of materials, We can provide solutions to the most complex of the openings, implementing integrated systems or hiding ribbon racks and adapting more products, both wood and aluminum.

The base is 35X35 measures, but there is the possibility of changing measurements tubular needs even more on the requirements of the architect or client.

DUFIX 35t AL: made from aluminum slat, allows a host of finishes and textures.

DUFIX 35T MA: wood as sunscreen, It is a living element that transmits natural environment.

The lama Dufix 35t is approved guarantee of success

It can be used as a handrail

DUFIX 35t Sunscreen meets different technical specifications required by the laboratories Applus to pass rules CTE regarding use su as barandilla.

  1. Rule CTE DB SE-AE 3.2 actions on rail and other dividers.
  2. Rule CTE DB SU-1 3.2 Characteristics of protective barriers.
  3. Rule UNE 85-237-91 / UNE 85-238-91.

Slat drive systems and systems.

Fixed blades system.

Motor: according systems.

Manual: according systems.


The blade-holders are guided polyamide elements to the supporting frame.

Another possibility is to set the louvers on the outside of the frame without using headwalls.

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX 35t AL: 35X35 aluminum slats create unique spaces and shadows with a shadow serenity surround.

The qualities and aluminum finishes serving a great sunscreen, countless colors and textures.

DUFIX 35t MA: sol-lasure, autoclave, termo-wood, Special dyes, reliable and durable treatments for wood.


Security is not incompatible with systems DUFIX35t, since all systems are fixed by screws strip concealed within or by headwalls racks guided polyamide.

Sunscreens DUFIX35t include fastening systems and mobile security leaves.

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