DUFIX 50r – 50mm slats fixed lattice.


Our new model DUFIX 50r straight or rhomboid shape, even more versatile, offers more variety of distance between slats. This model offers modern and much like the current architect.

The versatility of the product allows us to vary more than other models the distance between strips and light inputs getting older.

The rooms need some protection and ventilation, are very common and optimum locations for installing DUFIX 50r rdiamond as the absence of mechanisms for orientation, makes just does not have maintenance.

DUFIX 50r AL: lama type of diamond aluminum, great for stable outdoor enclosures have sharp lines, creating warmth in the domestic environment and safety for protection of elements exposed on the outside and of course, all the advantages and aluminum finishes are applied to the product.

DUFIX 50r MA: profiles wood picking the client, create feelings of comfort and stability that fill the air of a dim light and stable.


System drive systems.

Motor: only applicable to the system.


Guided by headwalls polyamide slats within frame.

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX 50r AL: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish material that can support.

DUFIX 50r MA: sol -lasure, autoclave, termo-wood, Special dyes, reliable and durable treatments.


The fact that the blades are fixed and minimum clearances, helps be a lattice with a high degree of security.

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