DUFIX 60-80t – Lattice fixed blades 60-80mm.


The rectangular are ideally suited to systems developed openings Industries Durmi.

The profiles both 80/60X20mm wood, aluminum the technical timber seamlessly integrate showing their best face.

The latest products and material progress have been able to build countless architectural solutions.

With these solutions based on a world of possibilities is created with many products applied not only those described in our catalog, but imagination or need can be here instead.

DUFIX 80t: 80×20 profiles, both aluminum as wood the synthetics testa placed with any of the two sides views.

DUFIX 60t: 60X20 sections, are sections allowing fine as other catalog measures DUFIX 80T, space at will in order to determine in advance the degree of penetration of light into the interiors of the rooms.


Slat actuation systems and systems.

Fixed blades system.

Motor: according systems.

Manual: according systems.


The tube installed in this system are always out racks, thus hiding much of the racks.

The tubular support is accomplished by attachment to the frame, covering the heads with caps in black polyamide.

Another option is to cover the protests placing a continuous lateral angular.

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX 80-60t AL: 80X20mm aluminum tubular fixed to the outer frame, offers all the features of treated aluminum.

Placing the exposed face of the tube is optional, generating new possibilities.

DUFIX 80-60t MA: treated wood slat. sol-lasure, autoclave, termo-wood, Special dyes, reliable and durable treatments.

The live appearance of wood gets that fascists are as personal as the customer wants.

The separation between tubular is modifiable at will.

The combination of different tubular wide range of possibilities, generates endless possibilities.

Possibility to combine fixed and moving parts make overtures concealment systems and spectacular systems.


The fact that the blades are fixed with minimal assistance separations are a lattice with a high degree of security.

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