DUFIX 60z – Lattice 60mm fixed blades.


The lattice DUFIX 60z, has utilities and applications as a value content, gets to be a highly efficient sunscreen. His way “Z” makes a product ideal to achieve continuous faces and shelter opening in integrated systems.

Ratio value + modulation slat is the most economic marketplace.

DUFIX 60z AL: the aluminum extrusion as a basis, lmakes it a stable product and maintenance.

The lama has the ability to mount both integrated frameworks, as outdoor racks, continuities getting up to 6000mm. length by the height which is required in the building.

Spacing louvers can be varied at will by offering the possibility of varying the external view as well as ventilation.


Slat actuation systems and systems.

Motor: only applicable to the opening system.


The supports of the slats are guided polyamide elements to the supporting frame.

Another possibility is to set the louvers on the outside of the frame without using headwalls

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX 60z AL: the Z-shaped profile in offers all the features of treated aluminum.

Los fronts polyamide, can be served, according to quantity, in any RAL color.


The fact that the slats are fixed and with minimum clearances helps be a lattice with a high degree of security.

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