DUFIX 80u – Lattice 80mm fixed blades.


The concerns of architects led to the creation of new building products, thus arose the DUFIX 80u, a Single eyeshadow that for its wild form, transmitted power and personality a la fachada, meets and exceeds their original duties.

The uniqueness of its forms makes it an lattice bonita and with character.

The wit and personality exudes product when it is installed on the facade.

It can be applied in many systems making it even more versatile and expand their universe of application.

DUFIX 80u: the U-shape of 20X80X20 aluminum with maximum 1500mm reveals the full power of ingenuity applied to a lattice.

In case of continuous surfaces, solutions could be studied for possible application in the uncut lama.



Slat actuation systems and systems.

Fixed blades system.

Motor: according systems.

Manual: according systems.


This is a system designed to be attached directly to systems, So in the headwaters of the blade would air on exposing the character of the lattice.

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX 80u AL: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish that can support the aluminum.


The fact that the blades are fixed with minimal assistance separations are a lattice with a high degree of security.

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