DUFIX Safe – Venetian blind slats fixed security


The premise security, a majorcan that retains the beauty and the light still one of the models safest sun protection that we have in catalog.

With the ability to integrate into most systems available Durmi Industries, becomes insurance, stylish and functional.

The possibilities die to let the light, suggest that there may be many more applications, ensuring a high degree of ventilation and light without compromising safety

50mm profiles forming a wave that does not allow application useful for deforming its walls, delaying the maximum intrusion

DUFIX SAFE: lama crimped aluminum extrusion to ensure greater protection in case of intrusion.



Slat actuation systems and systems.

Motor: only applicable to the opening system.

Manual: only applicable to the opening system.


The slats are crimped without the need for any lateral support.

Finishes and colors.

DUFIX SAFE AL: the wave-shaped profile crimp in offers all possibilities of aluminum treated.

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