DULINE 125e-150e – Venetian blind slats continuous 125-150mm.


Joint architects creations lead to personal projects as unique as capable of transmitting personality to a building in the form trusses.

To think that a sunscreen can be determined by visual importance the outcome of a facade, makes us proud of the creations of architects who trust us to carry out.

Always made in aluminum, DULINE 125e-150e in form of airplane wing, they are architect sunscreen that can modulate at will, both slope and maximum separation and partition, and allowing solid lines wide by 3300mm height building having.

DULINE 125 AL: the blade 125mm, is fixed to the side with stainless steel front ends carved laser, prior determination of architect or the suggestion of our team engineering.

The maximum length allowed in this lick a light without studs 3000mm.

Integration into systems may open consultation.

DULINE 150e AL: a personal way to shade stays with strength and elegance that no other market can offer lama, with maximum widths of 3300mm without intermediate amounts.

These lattice windows its ideal for coating large surfaces with needs pathlength, as the blade DULINE 125e: model DULINE 150e repeated features and support solutions.


Slat drive systems and systems.

System fixed blades to a substructure of stainless steel with variable height and tilt slats.

Motor: according systems.

Manual: according systems.


The supports slat DULINE 125e-150e, born in the need for large areas without intermediate amounts, getting clearances 3000/3300mm.

Unique surfaces brimming grandeur and elegance.

Finishes and colors.

DULINE 125e-150e: it is made of aluminum slat that gets its uniquely enormous structural inertia without sacrificing the unique design. The qualities and aluminum finishes serving a great sunscreen, many colors and textures.


Designed to be part of the building, lamas get to be amply reliable for security.

The End Trucks carved stainless steel laser, make them a sturdy and ergonomic facade system.

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