DULINE 80y-100y – Venetian blind slats continuous 80-100mm.


The lattices DULINE 80y-100y, sunscreens are for cover large areas continuously.

The constant in the separation of the louvers gives the building a uniform appearance, sunscreens in becoming a fully compact part of the facade, without external uprights placing necessary or watched, therefore offers an extraordinarily perfect linear image.

The lattices, DULINE 80y-100y  are ideal for large enclosures with ventilation requirements.

They can also be used for concealment of views, scenarios separators, equipment enclosures, Galleries, etc..

DULINE 80y PVC: lattice lama continues PVC, ideal for covering large areas with minimal cost.

DULINE 100y AL: the aluminum lattice lama as the DULINE 80y PVC, fits perfectly on large surfaces and stable over time to be made of aluminum, finishes and durability are guaranteed by the strictest standards of anodized and lacquered finishes.

There is the possibility to integrate these systems models openings.


Slat drive systems and systems.

Fixed blades system.

Motor: according systems.

Manual: according systems.


The lamas support systems are always in these cases, vertical or horizontal posts troquelados, orientation as lama. Sustain each 750mm lama (PVC) o 1200mm (aluminum).

The spacing between strips possibilities systems make DULINE 80y-100y they are much more versatile, being able to customize the facade.

Finishes and colors.

DULINE 80y PVC: high quality PVC lama.

Under Custom, palette extends from white, standard gray and ivory, until the desired color achieving extraordinary results (on application).

DULINE 100y AL: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish that can support the aluminum.

The possibilities of opening systems including continuous facades, make these models a great ally for architecture can camouflage, giving an appearance of the building compact set.

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