DUTEC 100R – Orientable lattice 100 mm.


The DUTEC 100R this is both slender and flat faces, is a Trusses ilinear spaces and ideal for warm environments and pleasant.

By straight lines be achieved unique within the lattice Marketplace.

Sleek and Straight, two adjectives that perfectly define protruding from the rest of the lattice with totally innovative design.

Its streamlined shape is creating trend in urban fashion.

A sunscreen that not only protects from the sun, but it elegantly dressed facade and scattered light within a warm and friendly manner.


Slat drive systems.

Motor: orientation of the slats and as opening systems (consult).

Manual: positioner trigger / shift lever.

Lathe: a drive system for managing the lattice from inside the house through the wall or remote.


Polyamide: synthetic high performance front ends, with metal shaft and served in white and black.

Aluminum: headwalls employees for greater color consistency and safety.

Finishes and colors.

All models can be manufactured in vertical and horizontal slats, to meet the needs of the building.

DUTEC 100R AL: range of textures and colors of lacquered aluminum, anodized and imitation wood offers customers the perfect combination of product, facade and stay.


The DUTEC 100R model can optionally build with steel rod or tube for an exceptional degree of safety.

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