DUTEC 150R – Lattice adjustable lama 150 mm.


DUTEC 150R: model is the most stylized family, flat faces on both sides make feeling minimalism and symmetry sea total.

Made of aluminum and end caps in both polyamide and aluminum, has the potential to reinforce the inside with steel tube.
The DUTEC 150R becomes an lattice ideal and unique market, the touch and feel of uniformity of their flat faces are exceptionally beautiful.

Continuing trends straight, offer customers exclusive and unique design.

Slat drive systems.

Motor: orientation of the slats and as opening systems (consult).

Manual: positioner trigger / shift lever.

Lathe: a drive system for managing the lattice from inside the house through the wall or remote.


Polyamide: synthetic high performance front ends with metal shaft.

Aluminum: headwalls employees for greater color consistency and safety.

Finishes and colors.

All models can be manufactured in vertical and horizontal slats to meet all the needs of the building.

DUTEC 150R  AL: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish that can support the aluminum.


The DUTEC 150R model can optionally, arm with rod tube steel to achieve exceptional degree of safety.

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