DUTEC 150e – Lattice adjustable lama 150 mm.


The shovel-shaped blades Tickets two 150mm, by its elliptical shape, lamas are elegant, slender with a nice view profile, that gently modulated light, as its step between strips usually broad and smooth.

This model naturally combines the ability to be installed both domestic uses and industrial uses or collective.

It is a perfect combination of aesthetics and beauty technique applied to the facade.
Create unique environments it is simple to model DUTEC 150e.

Mounted both horizontally and vertically, model make a great choice when opting for your choice of product on the facade.

Slat drive systems.

Motor: orientation of the slats and as opening systems (consult).

Manual: with knob grip.

Lathe: drive systems for managing the lattice from inside the house through the wall or remote.


Stainless steel: front ends to provide the perfect complement.

Finishes and colors.

All models can be manufactured in vertical and horizontal slats, to meet the needs of the building.

DUTEC 150e: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish material that can support.


The bulk of the binding profiles and some supporting racks make sunscreen is a full security system for yourself.

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