DUTEC 210 – Lattice adjustable lama 210 mm.


Measuring 210mm corresponds to a market need, to create a protector solar sufficient collateral to cover large surfaces with a containment adequate space between slats for combined between large and medium surfaces.

Lets be used to absorb large openings and solve small problems since greatest lamas solutions give the most impressive buildings facade

With a powerful image is itself compliant to be located in more compact systems openings (consult).
Versatility summarize this sunscreen medium-sized.

Slat drive systems.

Motor: orientation of the slats and as opening systems (consult).

Manual: with knob grip.

Lathe: drive systems for managing the lattice from inside the house through the wall or remote.


Polyamide: headwalls synthetic high performance metal shaft served in white and black and gray.

Aluminum: headwalls employees for greater color consistency and safety.

Stainless steel: front ends for products used in phenolic panel.

Finishes and colors.

DUTEC 210 AL: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish material that can support.

DUTEC 210 PF: phenolic panel has countless colors and textures that make it a warm and product longevity.


The profile size intermediate step prevents people, and fixing the slats and prevent structure be removed by unqualified personnel.

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