DUTEC 250-600 H – Adjustable lama lattice of 250 a 600 mm.


These groups lattices made of galvanized steel and painted, are intended to provide a robust solution to the customer.
The rhomboid shape of the blade, stylized forms of facade.
Sunscreens DUTEC H, represent the meeting point between quality, robustness and economy.
This type of product is applied to the facades and continuous pergolas, and ideal, Thanks to its robustness, intensive use against impacts.
The sizes available range from 250mm up to 600mm wide (max. advisable).


Slat drive systems.

Motor: orientation of the slats and as opening systems (consult).

Manual: with knob grip.

Lathe: this activation system to orient the lattice slats from inside the house through the wall or remote.


Stainless steel: headwalls employees for greater color consistency and safety.

Incase of vertical arrangement is mounted on a bearing in the bottom of the rack.

Finishes and colors.

DUTEC 250-600 H: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish that can support lacquered steel thermos.


The strength of their structures, elements are secure against intrusion, using engine for actuation and usability is recommended.

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