DUTEC 600 – Venetian blind slats 600mm.


Currently there is no other sunscreen visor plane extruded aluminum bigger.

Be the king of sunscreen generates positive synergies with the rest of the facade as its spectacular size magnifies the structures I have impressed on the estates.

Movement  DUTEC 600, almost magical, evokes more than a lattice, exterior wall motion.

Going from dark to light steps of which has a perfect view of the outside never fails to impress the user.

The majesty of its movements over large areas is achieved in a smooth manner without abrupt movements, through automation of the blades.

The dance of the facade is grateful both outside the spectacular use, and inside the sensation product control.

With maximum widths of 4500mm more than cover the needs of sunscreen building.


Slat drive systems.

Motor: orientation of the slats.


Stainless steel: guarantee large mechanical shovel efforts required.

Finishes and colors.

DUTEC 600 AL: limiting color brand as the customer have any finish material that can support.


The strength of their structures, elements are secure against intrusion, using engine for actuation and usability is recommended.

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