Durmi Industries in a single-family dwelling in Merida

The architectural studio of Ortiz Orueta, opted for various Durmi solar protection systems to install in his beautiful house in Merida. On one hand, several aluminium Dutec 110s slats in wood colour were installed, as well as the frame and the guide rails in black 9005 text. On the other hand, a bioclimatic pergola in 9005 textured colour was installed.


Durmi Solar protection solution

The Dutec slats constitute an excellent solar protection solution, as they encompass greater openings, extending up to two metres in the aluminium version. Additionally, aluminium, the chosen material in this case, is fully recyclable, manageable and highly resilient against inclement weather. Maintenance is straightforward, that’s why, if you opt for aluminium slats, you could easily clean them. They will look perfect for much longer!

Furthermore, this dwelling also features the bioclimatic pergola. A solar protection solution that allows you to enjoy your garden or terrace the 365 days of the year, regardless of rain, snow, heat, or cold. This system can be customised to your preferences, enabling you to add LED lights, glass curtains, screens, and more.

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