Refurbishment of a residential building in Sant Gervasi

The firm Durmi Industries, expert in lattices, slats and solar protection systems, has installed the Dutec 110s lattices model in a residential housing building in San Gervasi.

In this case, it pertains to a fixed system, with Dutec 110s adjustable slats, vertically installed and manually operated.

bioclimatismo pasivo

Rehabilitation Actions

Uninstallation of 145 millimetres PVC slats with more than 40 years of experience.

Sanitation and painting of the existing metallic structure.

Durmi Solar protection solution

The installation of 40×20 aluminium tubular profiles was executed and, finally, the Durmi Dutex 110s slats placement was carried out.

It concerns a solar protection solution that allows large openings, reaching up to 2 metres of light without partitioning assemblies. Moreover, it is intended for industrial spaces as well as for domestic ones.

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