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Choose between Tradition or Bioclimatic Innovation

The first aspect to take into account is the difference between the lattices with fixed slats and those with mobile slats.

Bioclimatic adjustable slat louvers

This sunshade lattice with multiple degrees of inclination is ideal for adding elegance, practicality and innovation to your façades and bioclimatic pergolas.

The adjustable slat system -manual or motorized- allows you to adapt the room to the weather conditions, providing a touch of sophistication, and achieving efficient ventilation and light entry.

You have a wide variety of finishes and opening systems for the slats, including fixed, folding, projectable, folding lift, folding slide or lateral slide.

Energy efficiency, with reduced consumption in air conditioning.

Regulation of light, air and wind.

Modernity and innovation.

Fixed louvres

Fixed slats are a resistant, versatile and highly efficient option, ideal for multiple functions such as blocking views, enclosing machine rooms and solar protection for windows, provided that a study of the location and inclination is carried out.

Its design combines a traditional and uniform aesthetic, with excellent value for money.

Discover our range of tubular fixed slats, with variable spacing between axes, as well as our z-shaped slats, suitable both as ventilation grills and for sun protection.

Great value for the price.

Reduction of the greenhouse effect of glazed surfaces.

Visual dialogue of the building with its surroundings.

Master the Dimension of Your Space

You need to control the shapes and spaces. The orientation of the building and the dimensions of each room require a different treatment. We provide you with the solution for each challenge.

Enclosure of exterior vertical slats

Vertical grilles not only add a greater sensation of height to your spaces. They are also indicated for façades facing east and west, since they block horizontal solar rays.

In addition, within our offer, you can find innovative automated and adjustable retractable vertical slats, which allow you to regulate light and ventilation, and achieve the desired level of privacy.

Horizontal slats for facade

Horizontal slat enclosures allow you to create a feeling of spaciousness and are ideal for south-facing buildings. They are especially relevant in the central hours of the day, during the summer months, when the sun is at the highest point in the sky, and a higher level of light protection is required.

Look at the Sky and the Horizon

The slats and latticework are not only an excellent architectural resource for facades. They also allow you to conquer the exterior surface, through pergolas and complete enclosures.

Louvre lattice for facades

This type of cladding makes it possible to enjoy ventilated façades, by incorporating vertical or horizontal lattices, open or closed entrecaldes, alternating recessed bands, etc.

Extruded aluminum designs are the perfect option, both for exterior and interior enclosures, whether they are light wells, walls or holes for regular use.

In addition, they make it possible to control light, guaranteeing adequate ventilation inside the installation.

Sun protection and ventilation.

Façade coating and visual barrier.

Energy saving inside the building.


Slats for external ceiling

Outdoor slatted roofs add a modern touch to a terrace or garden, transforming it into an outdoor living room.

It is an excellent resource to soften the temperature of the environment. The types of pergola with a roof with adjustable or retractable slats are especially versatile, since they allow the entry of light, air and wind to be regulated, as well as protection from rain.

In addition, the slat covers are ideal to avoid the greenhouse effect, providing a constant renewal of fresh air.

Living abroad 365 days a year.

Protection from sun, wind and rain.

Ventilation, breathability and temperature regulation.

Get High Resistance Materials and Precious Finish

Our slats and lattices guarantee maximum durability and thermal resistance. We work with high quality lacquered extruded wood, PVC and aluminum.

In this way, you have different alternatives that allow you to create an aesthetic counterpoint or accentuate the modernity of the design.

Exterior metal lattices

Metal lattices offer excellent technical advantages such as strength and durability. From the habitability point of view, they are an element that provides security, privacy and versatility. They are perfect for balconies, gardens and even as fences on terraces and residential areas, to divide spaces.

On a decorative level, aluminum lattices -in which we are specialized- allow the creation of corners and vertical gardens, with great visual impact, through the use of creeping plants and similar flora.

Aluminum slats for roofs and facades

We are specialists in manufacturing with aluminum, which admits different textures and colors, and allows the creation of different designs.

In addition, its high level of resistance contributes to reducing maintenance costs, and guarantees a long useful life, with maximum comfort and safety at the installation site.

Durability and reduced maintenance

Safety and privacy

Design and versatility

Availability and sustainability

Tailored to your needs

We manufacture your slats and lattices to measure, to achieve an optimal fit in your design, and the perfect finish for your project.

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