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Custom sun protection systems

At Durmi, we create the outdoor sun protection solution with which you dream. Tell us what you need, and we will make it happen, with an exclusive design that combines beauty, safety and high quality.

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Bioclimatic Pergolas

Enjoy your terrace 365 days a year, with our pergolas with motorized adjustable slats, with opening from 0º to 145º.

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Adjustable slat blinds

Access our prestigious range of adjustable blinds, create an intimate and elegant interior space, and regulate the intensity of daylight, as well as the ventilation of your property.

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Slats and lattices

Among our solutions, the adjustable, fixed and continuous slats stand out, which adapt to any architectural need.

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Corachan Clinic, Barcelona

Live in Harmony with the Environment

What is bioclimatic arquitecture?

The specialization in bioclimatic architecture consists on the design of buildings or houses, paying attention to local climatic conditions, and taking advantage of natural resources -such as sun, wind, rain and flora-, to optimize habitability conditions, control environmental impacts, integrate into the environment and improve energy efficiency.

Enjoy the Most Ecological Comfort

Advantages and benefits of bioclimatic architecture

This design and construction philosophy transforms your home or building into a sustainable and avant-garde space.

Minimum landscape impact

Thanks to the techniques used, the building integrates naturally into its environment, taking advantage of the native flora.

Energy conservation

Thermal control, through the use of natural resources, reduces spending on heating and air conditioning.

Environmental Protection

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the carbon footprint is also reduced.

Noise pollution reduction

The use of insulating materials helps to reduce noise inside the building.


Use of renewable energy -wind, geothermal and solar-, through turbines, photovoltaic panels and aerothermal systems.

Café del Mar, Barcelona

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Unleash the Power of High Performance Aluminum

At Durmi, we only make our products with raw materials that provide maximum performance and have been approved by various international regulations.

Bioclimatic architecture materials

In bioclimatic construction, both natural and processed materials are used to achieve the best results.

In the first case, it is possible to resort to bamboo, adobe, mud wall, baked clay, thermoclay, sheep's wool and even chopped straw, among other materials.

Among the most common processed materials, bio-concrete and polystyrene stand out.

However, the star element in buildings committed to the environment is aluminum, which manages to combine ecology and economy.

Corrosion resistance


Energy efficiency

Reflective ability

These qualities allow aluminum to be used to manufacture slats, pergolas, lattices, "cool roofs", blinds and all kinds of structures, which offer the user a safe, resistant and environmentally friendly environment.

Master the Intangible

Principles and characteristics of bioclimatic architecture

The requirements of a bioclimatic building can vary depending on the geographical location. However, it is possible to identify 5 great pillars, which allow the climate to be transformed into an architectural resource.


Depending on the hemisphere in which the building is erected, the orientation of the glazed windows allows more or less solar radiation to be captured, in order to achieve the ideal heat flow.

Sunlight and sun protection

To get better sunlight in cold regions, the windows are larger, have bay windows and are located on the outside of the wall. However, in hot regions, sun protection is opted for using devices such as eaves, parasols, blinds and bioclimatic pergolas.

Thermal isolation

In order to stabilize the thermal oscillation, insulating materials and air chambers are used, the thickness of the walls is adjusted, and techniques such as the semi-burying of the building are used to take advantage of the thermal inertia of the earth. In addition, it is essential to avoid thermal bridges, to achieve the sealing of the building.

Crossed ventilation

Through the difference in temperature and pressure between the opposite orientation rooms it is possible to generate air currents, which provide natural ventilation.

Renewable energy

Thanks to the use and integration of wind, photovoltaic and geothermal energy sources, a non-polluting self-consumption environment typical of zero-emission buildings is created. In the best cases, energy plus buildings create a marketable surplus of electricity.

Smart coating

The choice of color and type of paint for facades, ceilings and walls influences the reflection or absorption of light and heat, which is decisive for a better use of light and temperature regulation.

Private Residence, Madrid

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What quality standards do your products meet?

Durmi is synonymous with quality, and all our products strictly comply with it. Additionally, we provide a durability guarantee. At Industrias Durmi S.A., we work with suppliers who certify their raw materials and their handling with the highest degrees of international standards such as ISO, CE, APPLUS, QUALICOAT, PEFC, FSC...

How long do your products usually take to be delivered?

We have a large stock of standardized products, which allows us to achieve practically immediate delivery times for some products.

Do you produce custom-made products?

If you need a custom-made product, don't hesitate to let us know, and our technical department will study the feasibility of manufacturing.