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Embark on a Journey from Wood to Aluminum

Discover the brief history of a business with over 70 years of experience, working from dawn to dusk, researching and creating with different high-quality materials to always provide you with the most innovative solutions and the latest trends in solar protection architecture.


The Wooden Workshop

Our founder, Francesc Abel, establishes a wooden folding blinds workshop that quickly becomes a regional reference.


The PVC Factory

We opened a PVC extrusion factory to produce our raw material and supply roll-up blinds throughout the country.


The Iron Brand

We created the Durmi brand, merging multiple specialized companies, and started manufacturing iron frames with slats made of different materials and formats to meet the new trends in architecture and energy efficiency.


The Aluminum Exporter

We specialize in aluminum, a more sustainable material with excellent technical properties. We began exporting internationally.

Guided by the Sunrise

Manifesto of the Sun

Since its foundation, our business and company have always been linked to the sun. That is why our values and vision are inspired by this celestial body that governs our lives.


We want our R&D to be a guiding light for the development of the sector, creating comfortable spaces with cost-effective, efficient, and personalized solutions for each project.

Respect for the Environment

Our products are not only manufactured with sustainability criteria but also contribute to natural climate control and energy savings in homes and businesses.


Our brand is recognized worldwide as an example of excellence in solar protection systems.

Long-Term Relationships

Our solar protection solutions are designed to last because we aim to establish long-term business relationships.

Constant Innovation

Manufacture and design of aluminum slats and lattices

Our engineering and design studio has created an entire range of exclusive molds and extrusion profiles with intellectual property.

We also collaborate with architects and builders to provide unique solutions for each project.

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To give you the Best Shade Anywhere in the World

3977 projects

We are not only a national reference in the supply and installation of slats, lattices, and bioclimatic pergolas. Since the late 1990s, we have also been involved in numerous projects in countries such as France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates...

AC Forum Hotel, Barcelona

Trust an Award-Winning Brand and an Expert Team

The extensive know-how acquired throughout our long-standing national and international trajectory has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in the production of opening and closing systems for slats, as well as the manufacturing of lattices, blinds, and high-performance bioclimatic pergolas.

Our constant pursuit of excellence has been rewarded with various awards:

ADEG 2012 Award for Eco-efficient Product with ECO2 slat

Our innovative ECO2 slat combines respect for the environment, energy savings, and innovation. A perfect example of our values, deserving of this prestigious distinction.

ADEG Internationalization Award 2011 and 2014

Our constant international expansion has been recognized by the industry on several occasions.


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Several leading construction companies and prestigious architects, as well as private clients from around the world, have already relied on the manufacturing quality of Industrias Durmi.

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