Here at Durmi we are what we do

We have a great human and technical team who are constantly searching for excellence.


It’s a part of what we are, experience has helped us to find the solution to each project by contributing ideas to make the greatest savings in energy and costs.

Respect for the Environment

Our systems intelligently use natural resources and seek the most respectful options for environmental management.

Responsibility, Commitment and Trust

We believe in our clients and they believe in us, and this creates long-lasting links based on trust.


We have taken the Durmi brand all around the world. You can find our pergolas, louvers and lattices everywhere: France, Dubai, Germany, Latin America…

A wealth of experience

All our experience is at your service

At Industrias Durmi, we’ve been working in the sun protection sector for over 50 years. We offer safe, efficient and reliable services anywhere in Spain.


Wide range of products

We adapt to your projects

At Durmi we manufacture made-to-measure louvers and lattices for all kinds of architectural needs and designed for all kinds of spaces and situations.


Always close to the client

Always by your side

We help our clients and provide the best products with a double guarantee: high quality products and high quality service.

High quality materials

100% smart sun protection

High quality sun protection products with an infinite range of finishes. All kinds of opening and closing systems, with movable, fixed and continuous louvers that can be adapted to any need in an architectural project.

At Industrias Durmi we offer our services to private clients, architects and construction companies.

High performance

Made-to-measure louvers and lattice systems

All our systems are subjected to rigorous quality controls under our own phase control method. That’s why our products are characterised by:


Durability, reliability and spare parts.


Suitability of the product in the installation.

European guarantee.

Maintenance manual.

Competitive prices.

Excellent quality.


After sales control and warranty.

Raw materials certified under international regulations.

A recognised brand

Here at Durmi we are constantly seeking ways to create the best systems for all our clients. Our enthusiasm for creating high performance louvers, lattices and pergolas has been recognised in the awards we’ve received:

ADEG 2012 award for eco-efficient product with the ECO2 louver:

Our respect for the environment, energy saving and innovation led to the creation of an excellent and innovative louver, the ECO2, which combines all three attributes.

2. ADEG internationalisation award, 2011, 2014:

Another of our objectives is internationalisation. The Durmi systems you can find all around the world are proof of this award.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact our technical team of experts via our extensive network of service points.



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