Adjustable llamas

Durmi's adjustable slat lattice is the most efficient solar protection system. It can be used both to prevent the direct entry of sunlight into any construction, and to allow lighting control inside the rooms.

High quality custom adjustable slats

We have horizontal and vertical adjustable slats that constitute a resistant solar protection solution, adaptable to any space, attractive, very easy to install and easy to maintain. The custom-made slats and lattices will undoubtedly help you achieve the thermal comfort you desire. With its installation in buildings, energy savings at home will be guaranteed.

The ability to vary the inclination of the adjustable slats makes it possible to adapt to the path of the sun and regulate how much we want to darken the interior. It should be noted that our adjustable lattices are made with high-performance materials, and have an exclusive design that will beautify any facade.

What are the advantages of installing adjustable slats?

The lattice with adjustable slats is the most efficient solar protection system. They are panels that can be adjusted at different angles to control the amount of light and ventilation you want in your outdoor space. To achieve these objectives, the adjustable slats allow you to vary the inclination of the slats to adapt to the location of the sun at any time of the day, whether in the morning, at noon or in the afternoon. They can also be adapted to the needs that each interior room requires at all times, darkening for projections, use of screens, etc.

At Durmi Industries, we are specialist manufacturers of adjustable slats. You can find customized adjustable slats made of aluminum or recyclable wood for all types of projects. They are available in different shapes, with straight and flat lines, with a traditional shape, with an elliptical shape or airplane wing, and with a tubular shape. We also have galvanized steel slats. All of them provide added design value compared to other options available on the market.

By using adjustable slats, it is possible to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reduce air conditioning consumption by mitigating the greenhouse effect of glazed surfaces and provide a language of communication between the building and its surroundings.

Horizontal slats or vertical slats?

It is very important to control the sun that enters a certain room so that it plays in our favor. And we are talking about controlling, not eliminating, because there will be times when it will be good for the sun's rays to enter, like in winter, and others when it is not, like in summer. The best solution to control the entry of sunlight and air is to install adjustable slats. These can be horizontal and vertical.

Vertical adjustable slats are an elegant option to decorate any building and, in addition, thanks to them, you can gain a lot of light. At Durmi we offer latticework with vertical adjustable slats of different materials: PVC, wood, aluminium... Without a doubt, it is a resistant solar protection solution, adaptable to any space, attractive, very easy to install and easy to maintain. Something to keep in mind is that the vertical slats better block the sun's rays in east and west orientations.

Our horizontal slats are also a great success for any facade. Regarding this type of slats, they are solar protection solutions used on south-facing façades. In these spaces, the sun is usually quite high in the middle of the day, so it will be a good time to block the sun's rays by turning the slats. You can also choose the material, the opening and the color that you like the most.

Does Durmi manufacture adjustable slats to measure?

A lattice with adjustable slats can be used on the facades of buildings performing various functions. It becomes a perfect sun protection element that defines, protects, decorates and insulates. At Industrias Durmi we manufacture customized adjustable louvre louvers for an endless number of projects. We also have lattices with standard measurements that are characterized by their innovative design and elegance.

At Durmi you will find adjustable slats of different types according to all needs and tastes. From lattices with both flat faces, recyclable aluminum, wood with straight shapes, with an elliptical shape, with rectangular shapes, and even in the shape of airplane wings. All our louvres with adjustable slats stand out for their exclusive, innovative and elegant designs. And they can have both private and industrial uses.

We have been manufacturers of slats and lattices for more than 50 years, so we are prepared to help you find the solution that best suits you. We work on tailor-made projects with the architect, designing and developing products based on market demand and development. All our adjustable louvre louvers can be made to measure to adapt to each space.

Do Durmi adjustable slats respect the environment?

Bioclimatic slats are a booming product. More and more commitment is made to sustainability and adjustable aluminum and recyclable wood slats are acquired for the facades. At Durmi you will find lattices with adjustable slats made with both materials. Aluminum lattices are our main area of activity. Half a century of experience supports us in this sector, offering customers optimal sun protection. Aluminum stands out for being one of the most malleable materials, therefore, it is perfectly adapted to the different designs and opening systems of the slats.

Aluminum adjustable slats have a wide variety of applications. The oxide layer generated by the aluminum slats is the best shield against corrosion and wear. In addition, they are compatible with natural silver anodizing processes and galvanized steel to guarantee maximum resistance. We trust in the circular economy, the aluminum we use to manufacture our adjustable slats can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties. Therefore, the use of aluminum has environmental benefits.

Recyclable wooden slats are also a bioclimatic solution, but they are more prone to aging. For this reason, Industrias Durmi is committed to Thermodur, an innovative range of wood heat-treated with the Smartheat process. After the application of this process and a waterproofing treatment, the Thermodur slats have a total resistance to weather conditions. Incidence is placed on wood as a local and sustainable product that also absorbs and stores CO₂ throughout the building's useful life. In addition, these slats absorb moisture and provide adequate natural ventilation.