Continuous fixed slats

Continuous fixed slats are architectural elements whose main characteristic is that they extend uninterruptedly along the entire façade, forming a continuous succession of elements.

Continuous fixed slats for all types of buildings

Continuous fixed louvers can vary in size, shape and material, depending on the design and needs of the building. Some are placed perpendicular to the façade, creating a more traditional look, while others can be angled or shaped more creatively, giving a distinctive modern look to the building.

At Durmi Industries, we are specialists in the manufacture of custom-made continuous fixed slats. This type of slats can be made of aluminium, wood or PVC, and are arranged horizontally or vertically on the façade of the building.

What is the maintenance of continuous fixed slats?

Maintenance of continuous fixed louvers involves regular cleaning, visual inspection, material care and replacement of damaged parts. By following these guidelines, we can ensure that the slats will remain in good condition over time. The continuous fixed slats that you will find at Durmi are made of top quality materials and are recyclable. If proper maintenance is carried out, these types of slats have great durability.

To properly maintain the continuous fixed slats, it is important to maintain regular cleaning, and thus, incidentally, we also guarantee their good aesthetic appearance. The frequency of cleaning will depend on exposure to dirt and environmental contamination. It is necessary to carry out periodic inspections to identify possible damage or wear on the slats. Look for signs of corrosion, discoloration, deformation, or any other problem that may affect its function or appearance. The type of material with which the slats are made will determine the specific care, for example if it is aluminum, it may be necessary to apply protective or anticorrosive paint in case of wear.

Continuous fixed slats are attached to a support structure or system. It is necessary to regularly check that these systems are in good condition, ensuring that the slats are firmly attached and do not present abnormal movements. In the event that any slat is severely damaged or cannot be repaired, it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible. This will guarantee the functionality and aesthetics of the continuous fixed slats.

What are the advantages of using continuous fixed slats?

Continuous fixed louvers offer numerous advantages such as sun protection, privacy, light control, better aesthetics, durability, low maintenance and noise reduction. These features make them a popular choice for improving the comfort and functionality of both residential and commercial spaces. Continuous fixed louvers can function as an efficient sun shading system by blocking direct solar radiation. This helps to reduce heat input into interior spaces, which in turn decreases the need to use cooling systems and therefore reduces energy costs.

By installing continuous fixed louvres on the facades, a higher level of privacy can be achieved. These slats allow the passage of light, but hinder visibility from the outside. Another advantage is that they allow you to control the amount of natural light that enters a space. By adjusting the angle of the slats, you can regulate the amount of sunlight and glare, creating a more comfortable and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

We must also highlight the decorative approach of Durmi's continuous fixed slats. They offer a modern and elegant aesthetic appearance to the facade of a building. They can significantly enhance the visual appearance of a structure, whether residential, commercial or industrial, adding an attractive architectural touch. At Durmi we manufacture continuous fixed slats with durable materials such as aluminium, steel or PVC, which gives them resistance to the elements and a long useful life. In addition, they can act as acoustic barriers, reducing the penetration of outside noise.

Where can continuous fixed slats be used?

Continuous fixed slats are architectural elements that fulfill different functions. They are used on the facades of buildings, giving them a contemporary and elegant appearance and protecting them from sunlight. These panels can be used to clad the entire facade or as decorative elements in combination with other materials. Continuous fixed louvres are used to clad facades of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They help improve the aesthetic appearance of the building and can act as an additional protective layer.

Among the most important uses of continuous fixed louvres are to provide shading and light control. And they provide visual privacy while allowing air circulation and light to enter. Continuous fixed slats add a modern look and can help improve the functionality of the space.

What is the difference between continuous fixed blades and fixed blades?

Continuous fixed louvers and fixed louvers are two types of architectural elements used on building facades to protect them from sunlight. Continuous fixed slats are long, rectangular panels that are installed continuously, without visual interruptions between them. These panels create a smooth, uniform appearance on the surface where they are installed. In contrast, fixed planks are shorter elements and are generally installed individually. They can have visible gaps between them, creating a more open and permeable pattern.

Regarding their functionality, both the continuous fixed slats and the fixed slats are specially designed to provide sun protection and shading. They can control the amount of sunlight entering a space and reduce glare. In addition, both have a decorative function, providing buildings with a beautiful aesthetic.

Continuous fixed slats have a continuous and elegant design, they are ideal for creating a modern and uniform appearance on the facades of buildings. They are best suited when a continuous, uniform appearance is sought over a large surface. Due to their design, they can be more limited in terms of variations in pattern or orientation. On the other hand, fixed slats offer more flexibility in terms of customization and design, as they can be combined in different shapes and patterns to achieve the desired effect.