Bioclimatic Pergola for the service sector

The Durmi Bioclimatic Pergola allows hotels, restaurants and bars to enjoy the terraces all year round.

Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona, Bo.TiC Restaurant, ESADE University terrace, Valdebas Burger King restaurant …, have chosen to innovate their terraces with the Durmi Pergola.


Perfect for terraces and gardens

The bioclimatic pergola is a solar protection element that, thanks to its structure and aluminium adjustable motorised slats, takes advantage of natural light and protects the terrace and garden from inclement weather.

Durmi Pergolas Advantages

  • Modern design.
  • Different colours
  • RGB lighting system, lights of type Led.
  • Infrared type heater.
  • Terrace and garden use all year round.
  • Extern agent protection: rain, wind, heat… Achieve perfect insulation.

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