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¿What are the bioclimatic retractable pergolas?

This model of pergola offers the highest level of versatility and dynamism. It allows you to combine a comprehensive solar protection system with the possibility of clearing the cover, enabling you to enjoy the open sky whenever you desire.

The slatted roof guarantees you a fresh environment on the most sweltering and sunny days, while providing waterproof protection against rain. For its part, the motorised deployment system detaches the roof to transform the space into an open-air terrace.

Roof pergola with retractable slats: how does it work

The cover has at its disposal a motorised system of retractable slats, with simultaneous swing and pick-up movements.

The angle of inclination of the slats ranges from 0º to 80º, which provides a perfect equilibrium between protection, light optimization, and natural convection ventilation.

Closed cover

In its full deployment position, the pergola is transformed into a cool and protected area against climatological agents, with a waterproof cover.

Partial opening

You can divide the surface of the pergola, creating an environment with ventilation and brightness control, thanks to the folding and swivelling of the slats.

Complete opening

You can clear the cover of your pergola for the purpose of relishing a totally open area. The retracted slats barely cover 20% of the total surface.

Home automation and motorised retraction system

You can open and retract the slats with a convenient motorised mechanism.

Moreover, you can install sensors to automatically detect meteorological changes, and in a self-regulated manner, roll out the cover against rain.

Watertight cover and water filtration

The closed cover provides you a total insulation in front of rain or snow, to continue enjoying your space with the maximum comfort.

The pergola features a drainage system within the lateral pillar, to prevent water stagnation or its internal spillage during the subsequent deployment of the cover.

LED lighting

Contemplate the stars in the nighttime sky, and create an elegant ambience with our LED perimeter lighting models. Enjoy your pergola at any moment of the day.

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Minimalist style with maximum robustness

Tu nueva pérgola retráctil de aluminio

Our pergolas are manufactured in durable extruded aluminium, which offers the best performances, both in terms of durability and design. Nevertheless, we also possess a wide offer of PVC and wood, to satisfy the requirements of any project.


Our aluminium extruded profiles guarantee the maximum durability and robustness, with thicknesses of up to X mm of high resistance alloy


The thermo-lacquered aluminium offers excellent options of design and chromatic finishing. In addition, all the fixing and drive systems remain hidden, offering a perfect aesthetic

Without maintenance

Thanks to its excellent immunity to the passage of time and to inclement weather, no maintenance is required.

Do not give up anything

Advantages of the retractable bioclimatic pergola

This model provides you all the advantages of the bioclimatic pergola, together with the versatility of a fully open roof. This type of pergola transforms your terrace or garden into an elegant space for leisure, relaxation and pleasure, whatever the weather.

Solar protection and clear sky

The retractable cover allows you to generate different environments and protection levels against sunlight. You achieve the desired temperature, without relinquishing the possibility of a complete vision of the sky.

Ventilation control

The retraction of the roof allows you to orient the slats, to regulate the air passage and obtain natural ventilation.

If you opt for a model with crystal curtains, you can continue enjoying the garden views, even in the windiest or wettest conditions.

Excellent water tightness

With the complete closure, the slats rest on a junction, which isolates and protects the inside from any precipitation. The integrated drainage system prevents water accumulation and ensures its proper evacuation, keeping your space dry and comfortable.

Energy efficiency

When installing a bioclimatic pergola attached to the façade, you can experience a great reduction in energy expenditure. Its intelligent design provides a strategic shade in the areas adjacent to the windows and doors, reducing thus the direct entrance of sunlight and the excessive warming inside your home.

Installation without difficulties

Thanks to its intelligent design and technological advances, the installation is carried out efficiently and without prolonged interruptions. The components are easily assembled, and the endurable and high-quality materials ensure a stable and resilient structure.

Personalisation without limits

Ensure that your outdoor space reflects your style and perfectly integrates with the environment. With a wide variety of accessories, designs, colours and modern, minimalist and atemporal finishes, you have all the options to customise your outdoor space and give continuity to the aesthetic of your living room, kitchen, dining room or office.

Easy cleaning and minimal maintenance

With a simple mixture of water and soap, you could eliminate dust and dirt. It is advisable to use a soft sponge or a soft-bristled brush.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about complicated tasks or costly maintenance arrangements.

Total security

These structures guarantee a solid stability and a firm and hard-wearing attachment. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor space without concerns, even under adverse weather conditions.

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Select the versatile elegance

Which retractable pergola to select: Expert opinión

Retractable pergolas have built popularity as an stylistic and functional option to transform and embellish outdoor spaces. Durmi models combine architectural elegance with the maximum level of personalisation.

Determine the type of installation according to your necessities

The pergola can be installed in several ways

Your choice will depend on the use you want to give to the outdoor space:

Wall-mounted canopy

With this election, you will attain a perfect integration between the interior and exterior of your space, creating a free-flowing and visually attractive transition.

Duplex for swimming pools or open garages

With six legs, this retractile pergola configuration provides a broad and generous coverage to satisfy your specific necessities.

Self-supporting for garden room

If you search for an independent structure, this is an ideal option for you. With four legs attached in the place you decide, you will have the freedom of placing your retractable pergola in any place of your garden or open space.

Hollow or modular

If you have access to an existent space or to a structure over which you desire to install a retractable pergola, hollow and modular options are perfect for you.

Consider the materials and quality finishing touches

We have at our disposal wood and iron models, to satisfy all the aesthetic necessities. Nonetheless, we advise you to opt for the heavy-duty aluminium, which allows for multiple finishes and easy cleaning.

Regarding finishes, you can choose between a wide range of colours, to personalise your retractile pergola and adapt it to your style and environment. From neutral and subtle tones, as RAL 7016 and textured white, to audacious and remarkable colours, as well as options that imitate wood, such as dark walnut, textured walnut or textured ember.

Discover the perfect finish that adapts to your vision and aesthetics desires.

¿Do you require a shorter manufacturing lead time?

With the Durmi Stock Selection you can significantly reduce the delivery period for your new bioclimatic pergola.

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Discover your perfect style in the outdoor space

In addition to the aesthetic aspects, our pergolas also allow you to adapt the outdoor area to your activities or specific requirements. You can choose among distinct sizes, configurations and accessories, such as integrated illumination, lateral curtains or air-conditioning systems, to create a perfectly personalised environment that adapts to your necessities and individual preferences.

LED spot illumination Integrated in slats

LED spot illumination Integrated in perimeter

Illumination RGB strips

Screens Sides

Enclosures Latticework composites and Durmi systems

Enclosures Tempered Glass

Heater Energy-efficient

System of Audio

Combination of different colours

Acoustic slat isolation

Maximum personalisation

We offer you a wide range of enclosures


Crystal curtains

Leverage to the maximum the panoramic views, protecting yourself from atmospheric phenomena, without relinquishing the beauty of nature.



Its adjustable louvres and slats provide you with the necessary flexibility, to adjust the environment at your preference and create a perfectly conditioned space.


Vertical canopy

Enjoy an intimate and safeguarded space, with sun protection and privacy around the entire pergola perimeter.

Durable and stylish finishes

All of our materials, from aluminium to wood, paint and lacquer, guarantee an exceptional performance against solar radiation, rain and snow. Create a hard-wearing and weather-resistant style space.

Advanced home automation

Access to a broad range of state-of-the-art home automation systems, to create an ideal outdoor environment during the entire year. Control the atmosphere with ease and enjoy a sense of well-being without effort.

Installation by certified experts

The installation of our retractable pergolas is exclusively carried out by certified specialist technicians together with our brand connoisseurs.

Revaluation of your property

Trust in Durmi to obtain a solution, not only to enhance your lifestyle, but also the value of your home.

50 Years Manufacturing Excellence

Obtain your retractable pergola at the best price: customer feedback

For more than half a century, we have built successful collaborations with construction companies, architects, entrepreneurs and individuals, providing outstanding solutions for their outdoor spaces. Our commitment to using high-performance materials has enabled us to establish the best price-to-quality ratio per square metre.


Construction companies, architects and entrepreneurs

Our experience in collaborations with the best professionals, has allowed us to understand the necessities and specific demands for each project. We work, side by side, to create tailor-made solutions that comply with the highest quality and design standards.

Satisfied individuals

Our commitment with individuals is focused on making their visions for their outdoor spaces come true. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to their requirements, ensuring that each project is distinctly unique and reflects their personal style.

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