Dutec 145e movable louvers

The E family of lattices, with elliptical or wing-shaped louvers, is a group with a wide range of uses, elegant and visually pleasing, smoothly modulating the light.

Depending on the size of the louvers, this system can be used in both private and industrial applications.

The larger the louver, the greater the degree of light adjustment and beauty of the system when in motion.

The 145e louver system is probably the one most commonly used for private use in the range of elliptical louvers.

MODEL: Dutec e elliptical aluminium adjustable louver.
SIZE: 145 x 25 mm
WEIGHT: 15 kg/m2
INERTIA: 4,19 cm4
PROFILE: Extruded aluminium with 6063-T5 alloy.

*The maximum length of the louver depends on its material. For wooden louvers, please consult us.

Durmi range of standard RAL colours: RAL1015, 5008, 5010, 6005, 6009, 6028, 7011, 7012, 7016, 7022, 7031, 7035, 8014, 8017, 8019, 9005, 9011, 9010, 9016, natural anodysed silver.

Any RAL colour currently existing on the market is available as an option.

Horizontal or vertical louver position.
Wind resistance up to Class 6.
Different drive systems available.
Option of adapting any louver model to any Durmi system.

Fixed/Folding/Sliding/Folding raisable/Projectable.

Compatible opening systems

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